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Happy Farming!

We hope you enjoy using this site as much as we do!

We are a small operation with limited resources. We are aware that or limitations are reflected heavily in the Fresh As Farmed website’s design and capabilities. We are always looking to improve the functionality and flow of our website and will never dismiss a suggestion from our user base. We do our best to implement suggestions so long as they remain true to our end goal: help people enjoy fresh as f*** food by connecting them with farmers.

Our database of farms is always growing. Please let us know if you think a farm should be included in our database. We look for farms that offer fresh food directly from their land. This could be through a CSA, Food Box, Farm Stand or On-farm Store. We also prefer the farmers on our database to have a functioning website or a proper social media presence.

We DO NOT do authenticity checks. As such, we suggest you use common sense and contact the farm you’re interested in before driving out to their location. Most farmers work around the clock and offer limited store hours. Also, we are only human – some listings may have errors.

We DO NOT require farmers to pay a fee for being in our database.
That would be a cheeseball move.

We cover the cost of operating Fresh As Farmed by offering digital marketing opportunities through Fresh As Farmed media (website, blog posts, newsletters, etc.). If you would like to advertise with us, please connect with us.

Thanks for visiting Fresh As Farmed!